Group 1 Coaching (Prelims Cum Mains)

Upsc Civil Services (Prelims & Mains)

Introducing GS Foundation Course

The GS Foundation Course (Prelims-cum-Mains course) is, as the name suggests, a programme providing essential coaching for the Preliminary and Mains stages of the UPSC Civil Services exam. This course will provide a holistic approach in the preparation of the syllabus of the General Studies Papers I and II of UPSC CSE Prelims and the General Studies Papers I-IV of the UPSC CSE Main Examination along with the Essay Paper. The Prelims-cum-Mains course will also include Interview Guidance (DAF Analysis, Mock Interviews, Personality Development sessions etc.), Test Series and Study materials without any extra charges.

  1. To improve the foundation in the static subjects, the subject content will be taught from basics, progressively moving on to the advanced concepts – however, we will limit the content to just one standard book per subject to effectively utilize time and memory.
  2. To develop presentation techniques in answer writing and enable fluidity, clarity and consistency in answer writing intuitively, daily mains answer writing practice will be a part and parcel of the course along with the Test Series and Daily quizzes.
  3. To ensure relentless support and motivation, individual attention will be paid and regular counseling and motivational sessions will be conducted by our expert mentors to maintain your focus and enthusiasm throughout the course duration.

The Prelims-cum-Mains course is best suited for aspirants who are opting for Optional Subjects such as Mathematics, Management, Science subjects such as Physics, Zoology etc., Engineering subjects, Literature subjects etc. Since classes for these subjects are not available at the institute, students can choose the Prelims-cum-Mains course over the Foundation Course.

Key Features of VINEX IAS Academy’s Prelims-cum-Mains Course

Optimally Stretched Course Structure

  • The Prelims-cum-Mains course is tailored to accommodate classes till the commencement of your Mains Exam from the starting day of your batch – meticulously designed with the highest of emphasis on conceptual clarity.
  • With the focus on accounting for every single micro-topic of the General Studies subjects and effectively spreading it across the batch durationto have maximum clarity and retention along with efficiency, the Prelims-cum-Mains course will be very supportive for a tension-free self-preparation of your optional subject.
  • From the very beginning, there will be an emphasis on Analysis of the Syllabus and Previous years’ Questionsto set up the right direction and prioritization for your preparation. The intricately planned Prelims-cum-Mains course structure allows for this effective approach to be implemented effortlessly.
  • As you progress,  just as in case of the Foundation Course, the Prelims-cum-Mains course will also provide you with a Daily Schedule that breaks up your preparation down to an hourly basisfor imparting that EXTRA-INTENSIVE routine to effectively cover every nook and corner of the syllabus along with the understanding of importance levels.

Experienced Faculty Abreast Of The Dynamic Nature Of UPSC

  • Even the General Studies subjects covered under the Prelims-cum-Mains course are not immune to the various twists introduced by UPSC in every successive Civil Services Examination. From changing the weightage of marks allocated for different topics to changing the difficulty levels of questions from particular topics, UPSC constantly tweaks the GS papers in both the Prelims and Main examinations, making it the duty of every serious candidate to adapt to these changes and prepare to face the exam irrespective of the uncertainties.
  • VINEX IAS Academy boasts of having capable and experienced faculty who are very well-versed with the dynamics of the UPSC Civil Services Exam and areabreast with the latest developments and even the diminutive changes in the pattern of the exam.
  • We will also have special guest lectures and motivation sessions with our Alumniand other eminent officers.
  • VINEX IAS Academy also guarantees the availability of faculty for guiding you and clearing your doubts, again, WITHOUT any unreasonable caveats such as “faculties will be available only on prior notice on particular days”.

The Best Study Material For Static Subjects And Current Affairs

  • Comprehensive, Relevant and Updated Study Materials for each of the Static Subjectssuch as Indian Economy, Physical and Indian Geography, Indian Polity, Environment and Ecology and more, according to the syllabus of the General Studies Papers, will be provided from the institute to supplement your preparation.
  • A student ONLY needs: ONE Standard Book, VINEX IAS Modules for and the Class Notes for each subjectto prepare holistically for the exam.
  • Daily Current Affairs Notesprepared from various newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express, Livemint, etc., will be provided along with Editorial Analysis and PIB Summaries of the government’s press releases on the Press Information Bureau website. A monthly compilation of the Current Affairs notes, Editorial Analysis, and PIB summaries will be provided as well.
  • Along with the Static Subject Notes and Daily Current Affairs, you will also get Daily Quizzes based on Current affairs and Static subjects.