Aim of the Vinex IAS Academy is to make the aspirants reveal and realize that the world of education is like roadways and railways, where one can reach one’s destination only by sustained hard work.

A career in Civil Services (Central/State) is an ambition of thousands, but unfortunately, many deserving candidates don’t achieve their dream. The primary reason being the lack of proper guidance or even worse, misguidance from many low-quality coaching centers which charge hefty fees too. Classroom IAS coaching is often very expensive and is available only in metros like Delhi. It was at this juncture we conceptualized, with a vision to bridge the gap of facilities and guidance between urban and rural. VINEX truly wish the door to the dream of IAS/IPS/IFS should not be closed to any genuine candidate due to misguidance or lack of proper awareness about the top competitive exam in the country.

Vinex IAS Academy proud of the faculty and the type of teaching we have. But we also believe that teaching is just a part of your preparation. We have a team of Experienced and Highly Qualified faculties who are ready to train and help aspirants to achieve goals like clearing in minimum possible time.

The strenght of VINEX lies on the qualities of the faculities who have experience of more than years in the competitive teaching field. The team of VINEX is made up of highly experienced native speakers from around the India. They are from Visakhapatnam, New Delhi, Hyderabad e.t.c. Here in VINEX, they have found themselves teachinig some of the most dynamic students and have shown results with high success rate. It is with great pleasure that we work day by day with toppers to help them succeed in the goal.